Anji Mountain

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Anji Mountain focuses on creating beautiful area rugs and office chairmats using sustainable and renewable materials.

I partnered with Anji Mountain to design a Shopify-powered eCommerce website with a fully custom design. I also worked with them to design their full product catalog and a variety of other brand extensions including product packaging and labels.

I’ve worked with Andrew for years and from the very first project he has been engaged and efficient. He’s very knowledgeable about different industries and marketplaces and he’s a quick study when new challenges are put before him. He has a great ability to infer what a client is really looking for from a design standpoint and has delivered great results with each unique project we throw his way. He’s a pleasure to work with. And he’s tall—very tall.

Jeff Gold Vice President, Sales & Marketing Anji Mountain logo
Cover and interior spread from Anji Mountain product catalog
Sample spread from Anji Mountain product catalog
Collection spread from Anji Mountain product catalog

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