client: BBB Wise Giving Alliance

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The site design was completed in collaboration with Servo.

The goal of the redesign was to both bring the site in line with the new branding being used by the BBB & to make the site more mobile- and user-friendly. I worked with the Servo team to restructure the site flow and redesign the site from the ground up.

  • Mobile/Responsive
  • Web Design
  • homepage
  • search listing
  • report page

client: Gymnastic Bodies

The site is currently still under development.

Gymnastic Bodies quickly grew from a mom & pop website to a world-class operation. They needed the designs of their sales and membership sites to align with their new reputation in the industry. I worked with the Gymnastic Bodies team to create a design that was clean, professional and highlighted the great features their product and services offer.

  • Mobile/Responsive
  • Web Design
  • Website Development
  • Membership Platform
  • Gymnastic Bodies Foundations course page
  • Gymnastic Bodies Foundations courses listing
  • Gymnastic Bodies membership course page
  • Gymnastic Bodies badges

client: Chris Kresser

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Chris Kresser is one of the most well-known members of the Paleo community and has one of the most highly visited natural health sites. He needed to rework his site to focus on his new book, as well as add an integrated membership section for his digital programs. In addition to his main site, the relaunch included a new store design and a new forum. I handled all of the design and project coordination work for the sites.

  • Identity
  • Mobile/Responsive
  • Web Design
  • E-Commerce
  • Membership Platform
  • homepage
  • The store homepage
  • The member homepage
  • The program content

Joyce University

client: Joyce Meyer Ministries

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Each summer Joyce Meyer Ministries features shows from throughout the year. This year, they branded it 'Joyce University' and wanted to give the site a 'back to school' brand. I worked with the Joyce Meyer team to design and develop the site in a way that was fun, but still easy to use.

  • Mobile/Responsive
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Joyce Meyer Ministries Joyce University Week 1 page
  • Joyce Meyer Ministries Joyce University video feature
  • Joyce Meyer Ministries Joyce University register page

SpiderOak Web Portal

client: SpiderOak

SpiderOak wanted to rework their online web portal completely to add additional functionality and make it easier to use. I created a design that works well across multiple mediums, stays true to their existing brand and allows quick access to your files and account information.

  • Web Design
  • User Interface Design
  • SpiderOak Web Portal files section
  • SpiderOak Web Portal Account section

Purina Poultry Website

client: Purina Mills

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The site design was completed in collaboration with McCord Design Group.

The poultry division of Purina Mills wanted to create a site to promote its feed, as well as provide information to consumers insterested in backyard poultry. I created a site that works great on any device, is easy to use and is true to Purina's existing brand.

  • Web Design
  • Mobile/Responsive
  • The Purina Poultry homepage
  • The Purina Poultry product page

WinField Ad Builder

client: WinField/Land O'Lakes

The site design was completed while at McCord Design Group.

WinField wanted a website that its dealers and sales team could access in the field to generate ads, postcards, sell sheets and other materials. I designed the site to stay consistent with the existing WinField brand, while remaining as minimal as possible to keep the focus on the process of creating an ad.

  • Web Design
  • Front-End Development
  • WinField Ad Builder Home
  • WinField Ad Builder Landing Screen
  • WinField Ad Builder Information Screen
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